Where should I get a yin yang tattoo?

I wanna get a yin yang tattoo. I don’t know where though. And I kinda want to include the 4 elements maybe.

Any ideas?

Answer #1

Well your a guy I think. If you have abs it would look good on your stomach or even if not it would look good. I have three tattoos and they don’t hurt that much when you get them. Maybe your inner wrist? or is that too girly?

Answer #2

I like the under your belt. That would look really hot. And don’t listen too digipooh I have three tattoos myself and they didnt hurt that bad. And the whole idea is sexy but your inner wrist would be cool too. :) hope I helped

Answer #3

You shouldn’t get a tatoo it’s probably super painful and when you grow up you probably would want it removed which is painful as well. Hope that helps.

Answer #4

Is the yin and yan the black and white shaped tear drops symbols that when you place them together, it forms a circular object?

If so, I think on the low back would look cute. Biceps would be another good area but the yin yan signs looks pretty plain on the ceps thou…How about in the inner side of the biceps?

Answer #5

Doesn’t help, I want a tattoo haha that’s the whole point of my question.

And I don’t think I want it on my arms. Wrist maybe. I was thinking lower stomach (under where my belt would be)

And not just a Yin Yang but Yin Yang + four elements (water,earth,fire, and air)

Answer #6

I would say either like under your hip bone, or on your stomach. The back shoulder would be really cool to.

Answer #7

At a tattoo parlor. Hey-ohhh!!

Answer #8

have it on the back of your neck

Answer #9

Well do ya need one in your area or anywhere else?

Answer #10

Lol. mikeh.

Answer #11

How about a lower back ying yang tattoo? There are some pretty cool ones here you can check out: http://funadvice.com/r/3k8k3dgk49

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