Where is a good price for skinny leg jeans?

Im wondering cause I have 50 pair of skinny leg jeans and im sick of payin all that money for no reason when there is some wer I can get em cheap I live in skinney leg jeans My job acually pays of if you gve me advice and you forreal ill show ya some love mamas please help me? Hair ripping question I live in the mall I go every day litterally friends gotta drag me out there Help help help

Answer #1

if you have that many jeans you really dont need any more why dont you sell soem of the ones you dont want? jay jays ans supre also have them for cheap

Answer #2

umm… well I dont know where you live… so… like rue 21, forever21, JCpennys, hot topic sometimes… those are only a few… there are probably THOUSANDS more tho…

Answer #3

OMG…=D you can get cheap skinny jeans and “Forever 21” starting at $9.50 and they are pretty and cool…=) …JUst go to there websit…forever21.com

Answer #4

I got my favorite pair of skinny jeans at Forever21 for just $12.

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