Where do you like to be kissed??

I like to be kissed softly on the lips, or when in snuggling mode, I like to be kissed on the forehead and ear...also just to the side of the cheek, they are really sweet and make me feel special =3 I tell my boyfriend this and he does it to me out of suprise now, I love it xD how about you guys??

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I'm onto you spasticwainbow, lol :P!

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lol I love it when my boyfriend nibbles on my ears...its a big turn on for me too, the neck is the same but not as much as the ears :P

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I feel high when my girlfriend kisses me on the forehead or cheek. Yes it makes you feel special in a way and I really enjoy it. Wish she'd do it more, haha! I guess there's one place that I shouldn't mention :P. I just like any kisses that have a sweet implication to them. As in you can feel her emotions through the kiss... Really warming!

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Just make sure no one says anus, lol.

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oo lovin all of those places xD

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=O heyy I wont be the one saying that...what are u trying to say ;)
are u going to sayy it lol :D

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and neck
and upper chest

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Haha lolz I see your point ;)

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I love being kissed anywhere, but I really like my neck and ears and stomach... my boyfriend teases me by nibbling my ears and neck and it really turns me on... and of course the mouth, that goes without saying...

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