Where do you get lube ?

Can you get it in public toilets, like shopping centres ect... Can you get it in the condom machines ? I Dont want to go get it in a chemist.

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you can use a substitute like baby oil if that helps

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Im living in ireland , and if I walk into a chemist ill probally get turned down, Can you get lube from home ?

What does 'soothing' lube do?

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you can get it from adult shops like ann summers but if you dont want to go to a chemist you prob dont want to go to a sex shop lol sorri but I dont think you can get them from anywhere discreet

Can lotion or sunscreen be substituted for lube?
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Can you use vaseline ?

What kinda lube?

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canola oil
go to safeway silly

I don't have lube.
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In Australia, we can get it from our local Supermarket.

Hope this helps.

What can as I use as lube?

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tops or some where near the pharamacy section of some place

Can you use vasaline as lube ?
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You could try online?

How old do you have to be to buy lube?

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