Where do i go if i move out at 16?

I live in the UK and really need some information and advice. My parents and I argue and fight all the time; and we’ve both agreed that I should move out at 16 as I am creating problems for both myself and them. We argue about all the subjects under the sun; from the most ridiculously pathetic things to colossal and life-changing subjects. It is unbearable for me to carry on living with them as they are very controlling and bitter towards me. After each argument I’m left crying and distressed, and I sometimes need to calm down so much I walk out and don’t come back for a few hours.

This problem is not something that we can sort, as this has been happening since I was around 8 years old. I have attempted to confront them countless of times; all ending fruitless and sometimes disastrous. We’ve always had a somewhat unstable family relationship, but lately it’s been completely destroyed when I was caught smoking drugs. When confronted about the incident by my mother I told her straight; “I need escape”. Ever since that, she has been determined to get rid of me.

I am turning 16 in around 8 weeks and I have no background information or knowledge about the aspects of leaving home/moving out. Just recently the thought has occurred to me; I don’t know where I’m going to go after I leave. I have considered house-hopping for the first month or so, but I will need to find a permanent place to stay. I will still be attending school, so working and getting a job is out of the question. I still intent to attain a good education; pass my GCSE’s, attend college and university, get a good job, etc.

This is a really big dilemma at the moment because if I want to pass my exams successfully I will need a stable place of residence where to prepare for them, etc. I am desperate to know whether there are any benefits available to over 16’s concerning financial and residential arrangements, or if there is accommodation that I can live in without it being a shelter/youth hostel/care home.

Please help me, I don’t know what to do, and I really need information as I am currently clueless.

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Well, if you are really the unsatisfied with living with your parents,I would say that you should maybe move in with another family member or a close friend you can trust and get a job untill you find a husband and get old enough to make your desisions yourself.

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I have no family living in the UK,
as I am actually Russian, most of my family are living in Russia,
and the only family I have here are my parents, and auntie.
I would go to my auntie but she lives in a different city, and her circumstances prevent her from taking me in.

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An ideal solution would be another close family member. Especially at your age, family is the best place to be taken care of while you work your way up in the world.

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Wow this reminds me of my issue that is why i now have my own apartment. I don't know about the laws of the uk but i am in the us and the only advice i could give you is living by yourself is very hard and it comes with its resposibility. As for me I took the crap that my parents was saying and when i had money to move, i moved. I didn't have money for the first months rent but i just moved me and my daughter because she wasn't helping me and as for my dad was ignored at times but you got to know what you are doing but. Try to get help see if there is any government help in your area.

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