Where do I get a penpal?

I want to write to somebody I don’t know. I tried a website once, I wrote to a girl named Angel. When she wrote me back she said her name wasn’t angel it was Debbie, that she was from london (not Ghana) and she signed her letter ‘Gossip Girl’, so that relationship didn’t really work out. Even when I wrote back she never replied and its been like 2 months. So anyway I don’t want to give out my address ,just emailing. Kind of like in the book ‘feeling sorry for Celia’. Actually reading someones blog would be cool too, yeah so thanks.

Answer #1

Post an add on www.penpalsnow.com you can have a penpal via emails or post mail.

Answer #2

I think it might help if you shre interests – or maybe even work on a project together. Just writing to some random person seems like rolling dice… can’t say that it won’t work, but I’m skeptical.

Answer #3

oh whoa that sounds cool I’ve always wanted a penpal its amazing well to me it is.I once had met a guy named angel he lived in barcelona spian we still talk but were close like best friends and I plan on visiting his family this summer with my family in spain it’ll be cool but I would love another

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