Where did you have your first kiss?

Where, with who, how and when did you have your first kiss? I'm curious lol.

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grade 7 at the beach

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hmm well I was a freshmen in high school and it was at school w/my first high school boyfriend. he walked me to my bus, I was so nervous because he didn't know and no one ever did hehe but it was reallyy cute(:

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My first kiss would be in 7th grade. I liked this girl for three years and I never asked her out finally my brother asked her out for me. Turns out that she did like me after all are frist kis was near her house on the pathway it was amazing.

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Still haven't gotten mine yet. xD

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I was in 7th grade and my boyfriend named anthony kissed me! in front of everyone on the bus. I didnt know what to think

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I was in 7th grade I think. It was after a football game that I'd cheered at. It was one of the football players. He just walked up to me after the game and kissed me.

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lol yahh my first high school party with my friends, I got drunk and started grinding with aguy hten my friend told me "turn arround and make out with him" so I did ...it was with ... XP

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When I was in 6 grade I went out with this guy named "unknown" lol and we kissed...I was nervous but it felt like a wonderful sensation...

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