Where did you have your first kiss?

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on a valentines day...right in my own front yard by my boyfriends truck!!! yay it was happpy lol

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the park by the swings

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ANSWER #3 of 7

in the school auditorium

Again kissing ??
ANSWER #4 of 7

at a basketball game championships we won and she kissed me

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ANSWER #5 of 7

at the park. :-) I like to go there and stand in the exact spot. hehe I'm silly. but it's still kinda cool. ^_^

kiss me thru the phonee !
ANSWER #6 of 7

At school at like 6ish in the evening sitting on the decking wich sticks out into the pond. It was sweet was wit hmy best friend hes nice.

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ANSWER #7 of 7

No where :)

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