where could I read books for free online

Does anyone know of a website I could go to where I can read the entire book for free?

Answer #1

If you are looking for books whose copyright has expired (or never existed in the first place), a simple Google search of the author or title will probably suffice. For example, just typing “shakesp” into Google brings up the complete works of Shakespeare. Authors like Chaucer or Thoreau are equally easy to find.

If, however, you are looking to read books for free that are currently under copyright protection – The Twilight books, for instance, or The Audacity of Hope (good book) – that’s illegal as surely as music piracy or setting a drugstore full of orphans on fire.

There’s always your local library, of course. There’s more free books to read there than you could possibly get through.

Answer #2


Answer #3

google book resutls, but can only get the old literature novels or research papers, etc. its not a book site for modern and fun books. =(

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