Where can you get a video game testing job?

Ok I have always wanted to get a job testing new video games but for real where do you look for something like that huh? I don’t trust any of the online game testing jobs they all seem fake but if anyone know on how and where to look for a job like this please do tell oh and I’m looking for this kinda job in Palmdale, California.

Answer #1

Find a local video game company and then ask them about current openings, etc.

You might use linkedin, craigslist.org, or similar to find the company & see if they have any openings.

Generally for testing games, you’ll need to be able to do it in their office, b/c they’re not going to want the security risk of you taking it home.

Answer #2

video game stores don’t let people test their games to bad for that but ya I’ll give your ideas a try but if anyone else has any ideas please do post them thanks! =D

Answer #3

A Video Game Store?

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