Where can you find lesbian and bi people?

I am bisexual and there is like nobody in my school who is. Where do you find people? I do not like dating services. But if there is someone who is bi or lesbian can you give me advice?

Answer #1

well I made a friend who luckily was doing things with his friend. Luke of the draw I guess. well any ways bi’s are ever where it’s just getting them to open up to u.

Answer #2

I wish I had the answer to this question, but apart from clubs and parties… online… dating sites aren’t that bad…

Answer #3

im not bi or lesbin but I can try to give you some advice ..have you tried myspace you could probably try to find someone near you that is and if not your best bet would be to wait till you get older and go to a lesbian bar your best bet would be there

Answer #4

im bi

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