Where can I get skinny trousers for school?

these skinny trousers what these girls are wearing where can I get them from I love skinny trousers and jeans where can I get them from?

Answer #1

I want them too lol, mine make me look like a boy :// There’s a company called ‘Miss Sexy’ I think it is, where you can get them from in the schoolwear section, but I don’t have a clue where they sell their stuff. Also apparently they do some in ‘New Look’ but I’ve never seen them there before. Don’t bother looking in ‘Marks & Spencer’s’ because I go there every year for school trousers and there never are any skinny ones.

Answer #2

You can get them from ‘New Look’ or ‘Internationale’

Answer #3

if you live in uk try selfridges or maybe harrods I went to both when I traveled to london a paris and they had a lot of skinny jeans also try h&m

Answer #4

if you live in the uk you can get them from a place called bluestar I think, or a place called iris.

Answer #5

You can get them from street talk the shop in a town but depends were you live

Answer #6

at the mall near you! lol all against odds forever 21 sorry I don’t have anymore, thts where I go you can also go to walmart, the miley cyrus line is out and it has red blue purple grey skinnies, they are really cuute

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