Where can I get a job at 14 within 50 miles of Georgia?

I really need to find a job RIGHT NOW!!!. I know I could sell lemonade and stuff like that but thats just not enough im looking for something more. Its gotta be within 50 miles of dallas georgia and im not looking for older kids who already have jobs to make fum of me. I really need answers. (PLEASE)!!!

Answer #1

you say you’re looking for “something more” – what are you actually looking for?

Answer #2

school usually can help you out on this 1 (helped me out I got a job as a tutor payed the minimum wage). So yeah just go to your guidance counseler and tell her that you need a job. Obviously you need working papers so get those 1st!!!

Answer #3

http://www.funadvice.com/q/were_can_i_get_a_job_at_age_14 Try the ideas listed there…thing is, none of us will know WHAT jobs are available where you live…on top of that, you can’t drive and I highly doubt your parents are going to drive you 100 miles daily for work :)

Not to mention labor laws, etc…try the ideas there, and then get off the computer and start pounding the pavement, as they say.

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