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Where can I get a fake gun for halloween ?

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I know it's quite a while until halloween but I am well known in my area for coming up with some of the best halloween costumes every year . This year I've decided to go as Abby Sciuto from N.C.I.S. and I have nearly everything sorted out, hair, make up, clothes, shoes and accsesories . But I would like to get a fake gun, which looks quite realistic during a party with semi-dim lights and when I go out guising, because Abby often does ballistic tests in her lab . There's one more reason which most people would probably find immature, but, I also want to see the priceless looks from my teachers at the party in my school when they see that I have a "gun". I'd really appreciate the help and I think it would be more useful if it was from the internet, as I live in a semi-secluded part of Scotland . Also if it is from ebay I would rather it be from a UK based provider .