Where can I find out the location of people for WoW quests?

A bunch of my recent quests on WoW don’t really tell me where to go to find the people/animals I need to kill. Is there a way I can find out exactly where to go, or do I just roam around?

Answer #1

Sorry,can’t help you there,I don’t play WoW.I’m broke,lol,I don’t do chores so…no allowance.I play Runescape and Ogre Island,you should try those,Runescape tells you exactly where to go on the quests.

Answer #2

you can go to Thottbot.com and type in the name of the quest and itll tell u coords adn everything to where you need to go.

Answer #3

go onto http://thottbot.com/ it tells the value of items quests everything its awesome

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