Where can i buy 11 real roses and one fake?

For valentines day I want to get my girlfriend 11 real roses and 1 fake one and tell her ill love her til the last rose dies(corny, whatever) and im wondering if anyone knows where I can buy fake roses? would the real flower place sell them too?

Answer #1

That is not corny! I think its very cute I wish my boyfriend did that for me.. but you can just get fake ones at walmart.

Answer #2

ha thats a goood idea thanks :) I think ill check out the flower shop and if they have no fake ones ill go to wal mart.

thanks for your help !

Answer #3

Awww that’s the sweetest thing ever ! Your girlfriend is one lucky girl :) Lol anyways … Walmart ? Doller Store ? Maybe a flower shop ? It would be cute to get all red roses then get a fake white one and put it in the middle too make it stand out :)

Answer #4

That is not corny, it is really cute lol. And I would just go to wal mart. they have a whole bunch of fake flowers there.. you cud get one really cheap! :)

Answer #5

ha thaaanks :)

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