Where can I buy a Dog?

Where can I buy a small dog that’s cheap? A dog that isn’t big to eat my little brother.

Answer #1

look on kijiji.com
puppyfind.com rolla.netand possibly ebay.com

Answer #2

A rescue centre or Dogs Trust or Rspca or somewhere like that, those dogs are cute, you can take your pick and they haven’t had a good start in life so you can turn your life around (:

Answer #3

There’s the shelters…you’ll be saving a life if you go there!

Keep in mind that you’ll still need money for a Health Check and food…shots too, if you get it out of the newpaper. At the shelters they give them shots.


Answer #4

Look on craigslist free dogs just pay adoption fees.

Answer #5

APL, pound, animal shelter.

Newspapers sometimes have free dogs. Craigslist also.

Answer #6

browse about websites and sometimes you get all different dogs that are free to a good home.

Answer #7

You get what you pay for. A dog is something you should be looking for health and quality, not “Cheap”! You can get inexpensive dogs from the pound, there are so many wonderful dogs that need a loving home. Dont forget that with the expense of purchasing the dog, there are food and vet bills, etc. I have puppies for sale right now… probably not in your price range, though. Sorry I couldnt help, but you should really try and animal rescue or the pound. The are DESPERATE for loving homes! Good luck!

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