Where can felons find jobs?

Where can felons find jobs in Raleigh NC?

Answer #1

I don’t know about Raleigh, North Carolina but I have a friend who ran an ad in the local paper and asked if anyone out there would hire him. He also stated why he had been in prison, and that he had paid his debt to society. He asked if there was anyone out there who would give him a chance. He had 4 answers and is now working steady at a job that he really enjoys and has had two pay raises. Now every week I see in our local paper and also in the paper of 80,000 people an ad asking for people who have been in prison to apply if they need a job.

Answer #2

wait can I ask a question? does every job look at your criminal record? even if its just juvie?? because im 13 and want a job next year but I dont know if they are gonna look at my past ya know? because I got arrested a couple times and I wanna know if thats gonna mess up my chances of gettin a job please answer

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