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Where can a convicted felon get a job in Oklahoma?

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I was convicted in May of 1992 and did 2 years and 8 months in prison. That was 17 years ago. I was released, discharged my time, no parole or probation in January of 1995. I have went from job to job over the years, but I am now approaching the age of 44 and I am looking for long term employment with a company that I can retire with and who offers benefits. As of now, I work for a small one office company who unfortunately due to the economy has cut back hours, and who also does not offer any benefits. I was wondering does anyone know of any list of second chance employers who will hire an ex-felon from so long back in the state of Oklahoma? I have already tried the local government agencies, and staffing services and as soon as they find out that I have a felony conviction they start giving me the run around and I can never get any straight answers from them.