Does a child learn best at home or school?

where a child teach better, at home or school?

Answer #1

I think a child learns best in a safe, familiar environment, taught by someone they can completely trust - will genuinely care and ensure they understand as they go - individual attention 100% - most important, they’re taught family/life values and morals as they learn - great example, Tim Tebow, Fl Gators QB - totally homeschooled (in Fl you’re allowed to participate in public school sports) - I definately vote - at Home.

Answer #2

Like most of them said it really depends on what you want them to know. I mean home schooling is nice but a bit more censored. Also even though they do get a one-on-one learning from the teacher or such, they don’t really get that second opinions from friends or other people like they do in a classroom. In school teaching, the teachers teaches everything they are suppose to teach their children, without worrying of what they are saying because most teachers send home permission slips home so most parents already know what they are going to cover in school. It depend but even though it could not be the safest, I would say school is better because is increases a child’s social life and to get along with other people. But their beliefs and attitude can change throughout the year. Be careful where you put and what they learn. That responsibility is up to you.

Answer #3

it depends. everyone is different, including children. different kids are better able to adapt to different enviornments and absorb information at different rates in those enviornments. some kids are distracted by the fact that there are 20-30 other kids around them and may feel uncomfortable, making them better suited to take the homeschool route. but then there are kids who aren’t really affected at all by their surroundings and are easily thrusted into a public school enviornment and can take off from there without a problem. both types of education are just that: two different types of education.

personally, i believe that a school education and home education are the best route (in essence, combining the two). i say that the basic core classes and knowledge should be taught through schools; classes like history and math etc. at home, that’s where the child can look to their parents and family for moral and family value development.

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