Cool places to have a 14th birthday party

Where are some cool places to have a14th birthday party because im not aloud to have one in my house this year I have 50 people.

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50 people in a house is kinda crowded. I didnt even get a party for my 14th; lucky you!! Make the most of it.

Try your local community hall.

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do like a fire hall or go to like a bowling alley or something. maybe a roller skating rink.

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how about a pool party, ice skating, or hire a dj & go to a place with a dancefloor.

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What im doing for my 14th birthday party is im renting a strech limo for the whole day!Plus 20 of my closest friends including Justin Bieber are coming. My limo was realy exspencive but you can find some that are cheap but still very nice quality . Type into the website bar []and you will find one you want in your area. Have Fun!!!:)
Luv Always

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there is only one place that can be "THE" COOLEST and Iknow what and where it is because I created is WHEREHOUSE 2016 and can be viewed ON THE INTERNET AT .COM if you think the pictures are great , you will be dazzled and amazed to see it in person. YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT...IS THE MOST FUN PLACE EVER TO HAVE A PARTY

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Sea beach!!

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