When your pregnant how big do your breasts get?

Usually how much bigger do your breasts get while your pregnant? Do they go back to normal size after you give birth?

Answer #1

Agreed with zudano. It honestly just depends on the girl and how her body is. Most girls will notice that their beasts change even after their pregnancy is over with. Some girls notice a bigger change than others. After having 2 kids, my mom is now a 44DD and was only like a C or D cup before she got pregnant. So it varies from girl to girl.

Answer #2

Really depends on how big they are to start. My wife had a B cup and now she is a full D at 8 months pregnant. They do reduce after breat feeding is done and you stop lactating but they typically stay larger than they began. I have friends who have larger breast DD to begin with and they noticed very little if any growth. My sister after her child (She went up almost 3 cup sizes and after all was said and done they remained about a cup sizer larger.

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