When your boyfriend pressed on your breasts, did it hurt?

I was with my boyfriend last night and he started touching my breasts while kissing me. He then stopped and took my top and bra off. He started squeezing my breasts while kissing me and then he started to suck on them. I really enjoyed him doing it and it felt lush at the time but I woke up this morning and my breasts are killing me. Why are they hurting so much? Did yours hurt? X

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you might be close to being on your period or you sould be pregnant because that's usually one of the first symthoms in early pregnancy...tender breast

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they are probably brused breast tissue is quite sensative give it a couple of days it will calm down.

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Are you used to it?

Are you close to your period?

Do you think he sucked on them too hard?

Because My 1st time it hurt the next day
you might just have sensitive breast even though you did enjoy it the night before
and your period can cause tenderness, swollen...
And if he sucked on them too hard...you might of didnt notice bc you was enjoying it so much. Youll be ok I believe bc I've done had the same thing happen to me.

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1st, hw old are u, ur age wil determine if u were old enough for ur breasts to be sucked on

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