When you get a good answer, why not rate it?

When you ask a question and someone gives you a helpful answer, please rate it. On the bottom of the answer posting, there are options.

It asks if you ‘’found this answer helpful’’. Simply click yes, its all you have to do. Then people will know whether or not they are actually helping.

Answer #1

I’ve seen answers rated that are nothing to do with the actual question asked therefor making the person that rated it a bit of a no hope..

I agree with S 1st paragraph…

Answer #2

I think the ‘helpful’ button sometimes gets abused and some people just rate an answer because they like it, not so much on the merit the information is accurate or helpful.

Gotta admit you do provide awesome advice and pretty accurate informations. So people should rate your answers more.

Answer #3

lol, you don’t have to rate an answer to know that it is in fact helpful. Some people aren’t even aware of the ‘’found this answer helpful’’ button so its best to leave it that the person happened to acknowledge your answer. Plus, rating an answer doesn’t do much anyway its basically a status symbol for your answer, whether someone rates it or not, the person that asked the question is the person that finds it useful.

Answer #4

:) I do to, but sometimes people just write thank you on there question and that works for me too but I have to go back and look at their question lol.

Answer #5

Good point hysterical.

Just more of a public service announcement really. I rate answers all the time.

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