When will i be clean from htc(weed)?

I have a urine drug test in 2 days,im 13 days clean already,I drink 4 glasses of water per day,pee a lot and weigh 60kg.I was a straight smoker for 2months,will I be clean?

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No, sher_87 doesn't know what he's talking about I'm a regular pot smoker have been for years, I've been on TASK which is government run drug testing for criminal charges and I've smoked a couple days before my drug tests and passed. It's all about cleaning out your system drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, green tea, pretty much anything vitamin/anti-oxidant rich is good and of course water because it moves through your system extremely quick. If you've been drinking water every day since you stopped smoking you'll be fine. Trust a pot smoker. I know. For in the future though try to diversify your drinks because you don't want your pee to be too clear on your test day. Reason, it makes them suspicious, but usually they won't be able to do anything to you except maybe set you a new date. If it's a home drug test that you are trying to pass, then guess what even better I've taken home drug tests less then 24 hours after smoking and have been able to pass them with purging my system. So don't worry, relax. Pass that shit with ease and go celebrate with a toke.

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okay wtf sher_87? that's complete bullshit. 13 days? just keep drinking water and diuretics like caffeine to pee it out and you'll be good. I've smoked, drank a bunch of water, and been clean for a test the following day.

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I just got off probation last week I was an average smoke I cleaned out my system in like a day because I smoke 4 days before I had to drop and started cleaning my system the day before the way I used to do it is water and vinager. I used to take a few shot a few days before the a few the day before then a few rite before I went and I always dropped clean so I mean do what you want but thts what did the job 4 me good luck

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Oh and also for future reference the chemical is THC not HTC, just so you don't sound stupid to your pot smoking friends ;).

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Your result will NOT be clean at all.. it takes months to get pot out of your system. im pretty sure 3 months to be exact could be 6 but I definatly know its not a couple of weeks. sorry to tell you

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