When was your first kiss?

Im just curious.I love kissing and I love to hear about experiences...

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stil waiting for it to comee :[ x

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when I was twelve. I was at a basketball tournament with my girlfriend and she said "wish me luck" and kissed me. I was like wait did that just happen hahaha

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my first kiss was when I was thirteen, and it was very sweet

I was very nervous, because we were sitting on his couch, and he was just staring at me, holding my hands

then he asked if he could kiss me, and I said I was nervous, he told me not to be, and very gentley held my face and kissed me once, and then kissed my cheek, and said he loved me

it was so sweet :)

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When I was like 11 I had my first kiss on this little field with my boyfriend. I was nervous. At first he went to, so I crossed my arms to block him. I wasn't ready. Weird. He was like- "She won't let me." He joked to his friends. Then I took a big breath and unfolded me arms. The he kissed me. It was sweet.

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I was 13 and we were at the movies. our heads were close together and we were holding hands. I knew he wanted to kiss me too but I was so scared! I finally just turned my head and he kissed me. I was so happyy that night :] it was cute

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I was 11 .. with this short guy.. we were playing dares .. please dont do what I did !

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I was 11. We were sat in his room and messing about play fighting and he lifted me up and layed me on his bed and gently kissed me, we kissed for like 30 mins it was so nice i still talk to him.

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