When the babysitter finds "nudie" magazines?

What would you advise a teenage girl to do if she was babysitting and Playboy magazines were left all over the house. They were on the toilet and sitting next to the one phone in the apartment. She kind of freaked out, thinking the parents left them out on purpose, so she piled them together and put them somewhere where the kids she was babysitting wouldn't see them. When the father drove her home, he said "I see you moved those magazines." Then tried to explain that the magazines are sent to them for free because they are trying to get his wife to model for them.
Doesn't this sound suspicious? The girl's mom doesn't want her to babysit for them again, but her dad says its no big deal. Should the girl ever babysit for them again?

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i think that the girl should be the one to decide if she wants to babysit again it should be her decision because shes babysiting not anyone else so it should go on how shefeels butif she cant decide then she should babysit and if she feels creeped out she shouldnt work there she should go some where else

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I think it would be odd to leave something like that around where the kids and a young babysitter could see it. I doubt I would sit for them again. I might even call CPS just to have them look into the family to see if anything fishy was going on.

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The dad shouldnt have ever said what he said to the girl, I think babysitting for them is perfectly fine if shes getting paid a really good amount of money the parents of the teen and parents off the one getting watched need to sit down and talk to each other bout it and they shouldnt be stuff like that out again

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never put your self in that kind of situatuion

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I AM A DAD. the answer is NO.

who knows what the truth is as to why the magazines were lying around, even in their best intentions, the adult /s involved have the responsibility to keep this kind of material away from anyone under the legal age. to leave it out is neglegant to all underage people involved. this puts them in the same league as perverts and pedophiles to not care who sees it.

I don't care how saintly that man may be... keep this in mind.

Pedophiles use Pornography as a way to break into an underage's person's sexual curiosity, it creates a "secret" trust because you knowingly saw it and are "ok" with it.
and it give the pedophile the opportunity to enter into sexual conversation and later more.

for the babysitters safety, DONT EVER GO BACK.
and do tell your parents!

it is NEVER ok for an adult to have any kind of relationship with a child who is not their kid. even uncles and aunts... mothers and fathers are even sometimes guilty of the same... but hopefully she has good a mother and father, and she needs to trust the right people.

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