when std strike you?

if you have gernal herpes can you still have sex without a condom or you have to use a condom

Answer #1

Get VALTREX, Be open about it and always wear Condom. What a dumb question, Guess how you got it in the first place? Theres more than Herpes out there to be caught. Why risk getting another STD.

Answer #2

What do you mean by gernal herpes?

You get 8 different types of herpes viruses.

If you are speaking of herpes simplex 1 which are cold sores in your mouth and on you lips. No, you do not have too. However you should not have oral sex at all when you have an outbreak.

Answer #3

if you have herpes I don’t recommend sex at all! that’s what happens when you don’t use a condomn in the first place. std’s have to be taken seriously. they’re very dangerous!

Answer #4

unlerss the person your havings sex with wants herpes (and no they dont) or you want to be selfish and not tell them you have it (which is wrong) then no you have an std, and its not cureable, only treatable you should see a dcotor to get some kind of treatment for it then whenever you find someone your about to have sex with, do the right thing and TELL them you have herpes then if they want to have sex with you, use a condom

Answer #5

First of all always wear a condom, second if you have herpes you really shouldnt be having sex at all…

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