When should i take a pregnancy test

I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms and today I started spotting and I believe its implantation bleeding. I want this baby so im really excited... my only question is how soon after implantation bleeding should I take a pregnancy test? I have an appointment for monday for a blood test I just want to know before I go in if im for sure pregnant or not. I tried testing tonight but it came out negative, I still believe im pregnant so should I wait a couple of days and test again or does a positive test take weeks after implantation bleeding.

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well after sex you should wait at least 3-4 weeks to take a pregnancy test
and in the morning with your first pee is the best time to do it
any sooner than 3-4 weeks after sex and the results wont be accurate
a blood test can detect pregnancy earlier than a pregnancy test though

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I was able to get a positve hpt within 15 days after having sex. From what I understand you can get a postitive hcg blood test in 10-12 days after having sex.

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Hmm... well, I've never actually been pregnant, but my understanding is that depending on the test you use, it could be a few days or a week or two before the test actually picks it up. More than two weeks, though, and I'd be confident to suggest that if you take a couple tests and it's saying negative, than it's a negative. Best wishes, hope you get a happy, healthy baby!

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