When my boyfriend tell me I have sum gud pussy is that good or bad?

Ok when me and my boyfriend have sex he always tell me I got sum good sex is that good or bad sum times I think he just be tellin me that so I can feel gud bout my self but my ex-boyfriends told me that to . But do they just be saying that because there between my legs?

Answer #1

I think he is complimenting you on how good you are at sex. or why don’t you just ask him

Answer #2

Depending on their lifestyle, they could be just saying that. On the other hand, they could be telling you that because it’s true. Guys are weird in how they express their true feelings to their girl. A lot do or say things that mean something special, but they do that because they don’t have the balls to say what’s really on their mind.

It pretty much comes down to what it has been for years. Girls do things a certain ways, and so do guys. Now if you believe that he is you’re significant other, then when he says certain things like that, you will know exactly what he means.

Answer #3

Sounds complimentary to me!

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