When is the right time to bring up marriage?

Being together for three years?Is it okay to start talking about some day marrying eachother?

Answer #1

I was never even friends with my hubby before we started dating. then about 8 months later he proposed and about 3 months later we got married and now we have been married for about 9 months

Answer #2

Whenever you feel comfertable. its like… my sister and her boyfriend have been together 6 years and are not planning on getting married. x

Answer #3

Your profile does not say how old you are, but you look very young, far too young to be thinking about locking down the rest of your life. When you get out into the world, learning more about who you are and what you are passionate about, you and your boyfriend may start moving in different directions and wanting different things. Of course, you may not, but should that happen, it would be better to not be locked down in a legal contract.

Besides, at this stage in your life, a relationship is all about being together and sharing experiences – all the good things. It’s not about shared commitments and sacrifice and hard work and building a life together, all of which can be good as well, but is much more taxing on a relationship than when you’re both living at home getting everything for free and don’t need to worry about much more than what movie to see tonight.

Make it through college first, find out who are are and what you want. THEN make lifelong decisions, not before.

Answer #4

No like we’ve already brought that up. But is it healthy to be wanting to make those words come true now…Like we talk about it all the time and I keep waiting and waiting for him to ask.But it never happens.

Answer #5

I started talking about marriage earlier than 3 months into my relationship with my boyfriend but it depends on how your partner thinks I have a sensitive guy who plans on a happily ever after but some guys panic at the idea I suggest asking will you love me forever before talking about marriage if you need more help im free to talk about it =) -Cyn

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