When is it a good time to find out if you pregnant ifihadmyperiod?

Ok so I got my period alil latee but before I got my period I had a feeling I was pregnant like my boobs hurt I was feeling nautous & noww I ended my period I feel more naustous & my booob are killing mee

Answer #1

I think your just having symptoms of your period. I doubt your pregnant if you had a normal period.

Answer #2

I highly doubt you are pregnant I get the same symptom before and after my period. If you are scared easily buy a test and check. Don’t worry and get it over with.

Answer #3

that exact happened to me too. I thought I was pregnant too,my boobs start hurting me..and I got so worried,I felt dizzy,in the end. I guess I was just too worried..go for check up,if you really get symptoms e.g morning sickness..

Answer #4

Just pee on a pregnancy test… buy a cheap one and calm your nerves down. It is possible to be pregnant and have your period. I feel pregnant the week before my period… but it goes away after, unless I obsess on being pregnant then my body acts stupid for about a week.

When in doubt… spend the 15 bucks and test.

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