When I like someone I shouldnt?

well, theres this guy who I’ve been friends for like 9years xD and I really like him now… but one of my friends really really likes him, but I know nothin will ever happen between them because it not his typa girl. This has happened before, I liked a guy I’ve known for most my life and he began dating a friend.. they broke up but I think it would be weird datin/liking an ex of a friend.

I have a friend that every guy likes… I don’t get why and she dates guys pretty fast when they new.. read other question ^^. Well when she breaks up with them, I cant really have feelings for them because its her ex and it would b awkward :S.

Now im not sure what to do with that one guy :S Pla help!!!

Thx Redsummer xxx :D

Answer #1

yuu couldd…

ask him if hes into yur friend and if he says shes not his type then ask who is yur type ask if yu could be his type. and if yu feel bad about yur friend yu could always tell yur friend yu liked him first and that its yur turn to get the guy.

Answer #2

yh I guess :S but I’ve been really close friends with him for a longgg time and lots of people asked if he lkes her, but he only likes her as a friend not more. :/ but im just worried if I do, do something then I might ruin our friendship :(

Answer #3

well eventually get close with him and just tell him you like him but you no hes not into you. you never no guys fall for all differnt kinds of people. you really like this guy. love is better. at first you can suggest frends with benefits and if kissing him feels right he might ask you out. if you dont like how it feels (ignore guiltyness) then you no hes not right for you. he might not even be into your friend. good luck (:

Answer #4

I don’t think that dating a guy that one of your friends dated is a good idea. If you really wanted to I would run it by her 1st. It could mess up your relationship with your friend and you may end of losing him too. Then you have neither one of them. I would just talk about it with her or find another guy to date. Plenty of them to go around.

Good Luck.

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