When i got fingered my boyfriend said i was so tight is it a bad thing?

k so I've never been fingered and before my boyfriend asked me out he asked me what I did and I just lied and said I was fingered before so now he likes me a lot and we've been dating for 3 months so he fingered me last night and said I was really tight because he couldn't fit 2 fingers in is that a turn off??

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No its not a bad ting at all bab:)
I only got fingered for the first time today :|
a lot thou:/
but I didnt know he was gonna do it we were just "making out" but he was ontop of me:'|
I was wearing a short dress and he slipped his fingers through my underwear:/
he used 3 fingers and went deep... im bleeding a lot does that mean hes popped my cherry?
it hurt for like 3 seconds at the time.. then felt AMAZING.
but now it hurts

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I don't think so if he likes it tight then so but if likes is loose then yes but I don't think and guy likes it loose

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If you are tight it can be a good thing but not in you are really tight because then when it comes times for sex, it might be painful for you. So talk to him about it and make sure you guys have a lot of foreplay before you have sex or might be a really uncomfortable experience. But overall, always tight rather than loose! :)

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no its not a turn off sweetie. I'm not saying that you need to lie about stuffs to your man.. the first time my boyfriend and I did it, he asked me if that is my first time,, and I said no.. he didn't noticed that I was tight because I gave him the best performance. lol

but.. you'll definitely get used to it. like for a guy to be the first one to do it in a girl that is really something. just enjoy it dear! and relax...

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yeah when it comes to a guy fingering you he likes it tight because you can feel it more. and the same for when you have sex.. the guy like it tight it feels good for you and him

good luck hun xxx

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No, it's not a turnoff. You were probably just nervous and were clenching. When you learn to get used to the sensation, you'll relax and things will get easier.

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