When I am ill... I dream I am!??

Well, last night, I was really ill and I had a temperature all night, and I dreampt that I was boiling in my dream as well, and it was really horrible cause I could not cool down!!! This has happened a lot of times and I was just wandering if this has happened to anyone else and how I could prevent it from happening again…


Answer #1

sounds to me like your just re-thinking how your feeling right before you go to bed. just relax. try and let all your thoughts just drift away and clear your mind. maybe try listening to music,watching tv,turn a fan on to keep urself from getting so hott. I often have a lot of dreams that can not be explained. so I kinda know whut your going threw. but yeah if im 2 hott when I go too bed I either wake up frequentlly or I dream of something really hott. lol it is just our brains way of telling us that we need to do things a lil bit differently before we fall asleep. =] well hope this helps ya’!


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