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When and how should I kiss my cousin?

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ok so as you can guess I like/love my cousin a LOT
she is turning 16 this December and I am 13(but very very mature for my age)
tho she isn't a normal 16yo she is mature smart beautifully goofy and well she is the perfect girl for me and for a very long time I have liked her and well every time I see and talk to her I just want to take her in my arms and kiss her but I can't because if she didn't accept it then it could ruin our relationship

for a while now I have been giving her hints that I like her (nothing too obvious tho)and I admit I have sometimes even attempted to "touch" her (tho nothing
TOO inappropriate) and she didn't even try to move away

when we are talking about music and stuff like that(you know teen stuff) we always keep eye contact for a very long time and we smile a lot and she just seems happy when ever we are talking

well anyway in about a week or 2 the whole family is going over to visit my grandma for her 89th birthday and we are planning to stay there in town for about a week and I was thinking that unlike the many time I have attempted before this time I would kiss my cousin
we are always tickling and poking each other and just having fun so I think maybe this time I would wait for the right time and move in for the kiss

if you have any ideas on how I could do that please tell me
and PLEASE if you want to say something negative be nice about it and don't say "forget her " or " move on" or worst of all "its just a crush" cause it isn't
and finally no I am not too young and we see each other as equals and I don't intend on dating/getting engaged or anything like that (at this point)
and I already know the risks of birth defects etc and state laws and I read the bible so don't even go there cause I have proof ^^