When he wants me?

So I have a guy friend and he said “I want you, you are all that I want.”

And I don’t know what he means? What does it mean when a guy says he ‘wants’ you? Like sex??? AHHHG.

And we were talking about hooking him up with another girl, were just friends. And im like “how about her, she’s cute.” and he looks at me and said, “No, I only want you.”

and im like…laughing it off.

what does he mean? He says he wants me so much it hurts!!!


Answer #1

I agree with xalaskax. I met a guy- thought we were friends and all he wanted was sex. if you read my really long stories on the guys expectations early on in the year- you’ll know what im talking about. now I find he has girlfriend for 15 months and its amazing that no1 told me and I didnt pick up the signs or ignored them or whatever. he said everything that mattered- he talked about us having a family and stuff - he tried every player tactic in the book- really nice and decent, just friends, the im a bad boy thing & really straight forward eventually. I trusted him but never slept with him and he obvioulsy hated it because he told me how full of crap I was when he left and how I liked screwing with his head. was touching- but im better than he’ll ever be- okay so its fresh:)

They see it as a challenge or an ego boost. try to get to the root of what he wants, dont rush into anything and hold onto your pride and dignity- because to be seen as something worthless and not respected is NOT the way you want to live. There’s always be better people around you and if thsi guy really cares about you and wnats to be the guy that can make you happy - then he will be willing to take things at your pace!

Answer #2

Thats the thing… we’ve been friends for 8 months. and he said like “I want you to be mine.”

but I’m asking what that means sqt_harris.

What does it mean when a guy ‘wants all of you’ or wants you to be his?

Is this mean he’s in love with me???

Answer #3

Why dont you try asking he what he wants from u…as a guy I can tell you its a 50/50 toos up when a guy says ‘I want u”…50% could be that he wants all of you…and 50% could be that he just wants to sleep with u…honestly I’ve sd it both ways…so your best bet is to ask him…and whatever you do(I know im breaking the guy code with this one)…but just DONT sleep wit him yet make him wait a lil while…it give you a chance to see what hes really about…good luck

Answer #4

Anytime a dude has ever said he wanted me so much it hurts ISN’T because he wanted my mind, he was wanting something else. And when I wouldn’t give it up, on more than one occassion a dude has bounced because that was all he wanted. Which gave me the silent satisfaction of holding onto my dignity and knowing that they were scumbags who were going to use me once, then throw me away.

Not saying it’s the same for you, just speaking from my own experience. I hope it isn’t the same for you. It’s a horrible feeling to know that the ONLY reason a dude persued you is because he wanted you for sex.

Girls do it too, and I’ve had plenty of dude friends get burned because a girl used them once after relentless chasing and then never called or spoke to them again.

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