When do you call it a relationship?

Well, when do you say that a guy and a girl are in a relationship? When they have s*x? Sorry, I have absolutely no knowledge about it.

Answer #1

I don’t think him/you asking is strictly necessary. As soon as you’s are exclusive then you’s are boyfriend/girlfriend though I don’t think the lable really matters as long as your happy with things :) && like the others said, sex doesn’t = a relationship.

Answer #2

Not at all. Just because you have sex, does not mean you are in a relationship, especially to a guy. In fact having sex before you are in a relationship can often hurt your chances of actually being in one. They guy could think you are too easy, get bored with you, or think of you as nothing but a friends with benefits. You in a relationship with you both make it clear that you are. If one of you ask the other one out, or you talk about it and both agree that you are.

Answer #3

When the boy asks you 2 go out with him and yous are with each other all the time.

Answer #4

When he asks you to be his girlfriend. You dont assume just because you hang out, or do things that you are a couple.

Answer #5

wow thanks.

Answer #6

thanks, you guys. :)

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