When do pimples go away?

2 questions, how long does a pimple last normally, and how old are you before they stop. this one is for those who used to have them and are grown up now . :D

Answer #1

It depends. But some people have blemishes for all of their lives, and there is no miracle product that will ever help them.

Answer #2

im almost 20 and I never had a pimple untill just after my 18th b-day .. no it has become a problem .. I’ve been on 5 different medications and every over the counter soap and face wash .. none helped so one day I decided to use baking soda… you make it in to a paste and rub it gently on your face in the shower for no more then 3 min then rince it off good .. and withen 3 days my face cleared up sooo good .. and it leaves your skin soft not dry … its worth a try for you .. its cheap and harmless .. let me know if it worked for you aswell

Answer #3

ill give the baking soda a try, thanks evy boodie

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