When do I need to start preparing for my cats pregnancy

When is it necesary to put my cat in a large cage I purchased. I will put towels and blankets for them to stay warm. A litter box and food and water. Anything else I should put in there? Since it is almost summer should I put a heat lamp over the cage for them to stay warm?

Answer #1

You have to keep quiet while shes exploring the cage because if its somewhere noisy they will never have their kittens in there and after they have their kittens you have to leave her alone for a couple of days so she can clean her kittens and feEl that they will be safe in that cage! It has to be a covered cage so that no one disturbs her! And after she has her kittens you have to go slowly in there and chek that the kittens are all fine! because sometimes a kitten or more can born dead! And if you have any other questions about cats and kittens funmail me! Cats are what I LOVE! And I used to have 5 cats, when I got alergies dad gave them away! I cried as if someone died or something, lol!

Answer #2

I would cover the cage with a blanket or towel and make it like it is secluded and a litte dark and she will like it. The cat box I would move out of the cage if that is were you mean you have it.

I notied anna_13 also mentions the covering so excuse me if I repeated that. I do a heat lamp of my pups all times of the year. But I don’t know about cats. Can you get a book on having kittens at your library?

Answer #3

If you want to your cat to have her kittens in that cage you will have to introduce that cage to the cat now. Cats usually have a territory in the house where they ALWAYS are - and thats usually where they decide to have the kittens. So get her going in that cage a lot to increase the chances of her having the kittens in that cage. Thats all you need is a blanket, and food and water. Anything else will just be clutter that they really wont need. For the first while they just lay there with their mom.

Answer #4

Ditto to magic and anna…you’ve got to make it like a little cave.


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