When did you start wearing a bra? For my sis

OK she is worried she is starting to early. So yeh I guess thats it it is kinda a weird Q!!

Answer #1

I wore cami-bras (like kiddie bras for when you don’t actually have anything to put in them) when I was about 12, and I finally fit into my first bra at 15… then it was like they ballooned overnight… grrr!

Answer #2

I started wearing the sports bra when I was arouuund, ummm… 9 or 10… then I started wearing a normal bra like any other girl out there when I turned 11 or 12 I can’t remember, but I do remember the first time I wore it, it was so annoying, I was crying all day, lol… good times good times ;) :P

Answer #3

4th grade… why is she worried about a bra! There’s no certain time to start. it just happens.

Answer #4

I was 11 :D or 10. I didnt really need it then, I started needing it around 11/12

Answer #5

I started wearing a train bra when I was in fourth grade.

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