When a stanger calls

Is the dad the killer at the end of when a stranger calls?

Answer #1

I’ve asked a couple people this, and the best answers I have gotten are that its either HER dad or the brother guy that lives in the guest house…I havent seen it for awhile, so I dont really remember…

Answer #2

Isn’t it called When A STRANGER Calls? I’m pretty sure it’s a stranger…

Answer #3

I don’t think so. but it would make sense because they zoom on his face for like 10 minutes in the end.

Answer #4

kool =] it was a weird stalker dude right?

Answer #5

um wasnt a weird stalker dude? the dad um…I don’t know I need 2 watch it again lol 2 make sure

Answer #6

OMG! I’ve been trying to figure that out too! srry, im not to helpful…

Answer #7

I watched it the other night and its not the dad

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