When a bisexual plays "Desert Island" ...

“Desert island” is a game where you make a list of the 10 people you want to take with you (for “dating”) if you get stranded on a desert island. They have to be publically known, or at least known to all the people playing the game, but you can choose to take them at any age of their life (for example, Marilyn Monroe when she was 18).

When a bisexual plays “Desert Island”, can they only have one list, or can they have one for men and one for women?

And can they have another list for couples (like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston) ?

Answer #1

lol I don’t think it matters too much :) But in my opinion, they should only get 10 people, both male and female. It’s not fair that they could have two separate lists :)

Answer #2

That’s what everyone says. But the way I figure it, everyone could have a list of 10 men and 10 women, so how is that unfair? :)

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