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Whay is my ps2 not working right

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Why is it when I start up my ps2 that it goes to the main menu and dosent play the game??

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canned air and open the ps2...if its slimline I can help(mine was) theres a small bubble like glass thing (the disc reader) ok...this could be damaged or just use the canned air on it or gently brush it with a cloth which wont leave a lot of fibres...when done move the little black board its on to the middle of the disc tray and close.

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either the disc is scratched or you have a lot of dust in your PS2. That happened to me before so you just get canned air and then clean it all out. I've done it several times it works good after that.

Whay is my ps2 not working right??

ANSWER #3 of 3

Because it's not reading the disc... Is the disc scratched?

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