Whats your view on soccer?

Personally I think soccer is one of the best sports invented next to lacrosse and football. tell me what you think because apparently im finding out a lot of people dont like soccer and think its a waste of time.

Answer #1

haha I play soccer and lacrosse. im a goalie for both. and yea I don’t know why its not called futbol like in every other country haha but to wildcute14 I agree with swimming and lacrossse. volleyball not so much:X ha sorry I just dont liek that sport at all.

Answer #2

I love soccer but im not good at it. lol. I have a lot of friends that love soccer and play it a lot though.

Answer #3

Id way rather play volleyball,swim and play lacrosse I LOVE doin all 3! I guess soccers kewl tew I tried playing a few times its fun but I like Volleyball and lacrosse more! But soccers not a waste of time tho as long as you like it and enjoy playing then that’s all that matters really :)

Answer #4

Personally I prefer Aussie footy but I used to play soccer and its definately a skillful game, a bit of a whingers game but still good. Footy either american or australian still kills soccer though.

Answer #5

I hate lacrosse..you look silly playing it..gays.. now football which is called soccer in america and I dont know why in the hell they called it that is the world’s sport..only here in america football is not that great but go to europe,phillipines(my country),brazil,argentina, etc.. and im a football player myself and still wants to improve.. peace! ;O

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