Whats your idea of a really cute outfit?

Just curious of everyones opinions. I think I have my own cute style but im going to a party this weekend and im seeing if anyone has any interesting ideas :)

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haha well some black skinnies a longer but stretchy but tight shirt..haha I wish it had hello kitty on it..but like pink or orange or anything with neon outrageous colors..some chuck taylors and some cute bracelets and a necklace

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For summer - I love little summer dresses. They have so many cute ones out this time of year.

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black skinnies tight top with mcron it and a pair of converse

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2 inch mini skirt spagetti strap shirt above bellow button

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like you said everyone has their own styles... you should just wear anything that suites you and that you feel comfy wearing =) but for me... I like to wear one of thoes short dresses/tops that look like dresses (but don't go past your knees)... do you know what I'm talking about?...lol...anyhoo...one of those tops, along with black leggings and flats or cute flip flops =)

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