What's your favorite TV show?

whats your favorite show?

Answer #1

24, ER, how it’s made, cash cab, made in America

Answer #2

House for sure!!! and America’s Next Top Model/American Idol.

Answer #3

gabyh, Same with ‘taramarie’ the funny thing is, shes my bestfriend and we watch them together ALL the time. We always laugh SO hard at them. Good times for sure. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #4

Bones, but I’m looking forward to seeing Celebrity Rehab thurs. on VH1, with Dr. Drew Pinsky. I’ve quoted him a number of times on this site from Loveline radio show (on for about 25 years).

Answer #5

South Park Family Guy Dexter The Shield Charmed Miami Ink Criss Angel Mindfreak

Answer #6

Rob & Big

Answer #7

house,bones,celebrity rehab,chelsea lately,family guy, home movies,robot chicken, the simpsons,the soup. conan o brian,southpark…some more but those are my ultimate shows

Answer #8

Divine Design, The Soup, Tyra, Desperate Housewives, Degrassi, CSI Las Vegas, American Idol, E! News, Southpark, Chelsea Lately, and many more!

Answer #9

Brothers and Sisters, The Girls Next Door, The Real Desperate Housewives OC, Law & Order SVU

Answer #10

family guy, chuck, insider, extra, ellen show, entertament tonight (ET), supernatural smallville, simpsons,

Answer #11

24, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy.

All-time favorite = Six Feet Under (but it’s over).

Answer #12

mythbusters (they live right near me!), cash cab (it is better in Israel), Full House

Answer #13

The office is hilarious, although I am only on season 3 right now and have seen none of season 4

Answer #14

Kenny vs. Spenny!!! xD

Check it out if you havn’t already!!

What is yours?

Answer #15

Mythbusters, Cash Cab, How It’s Made, Unwapped, Live with Emril (yes, I watch Food Network…), and Law and Order SVU.

Answer #16

Drake & Josh

Answer #17

southpark, family guy, america’s next top model, a shot at love, I like just about everything that’s crappy. :D

Answer #18

Scrubs, easily

Answer #19

uhm, theres 3.. dr. phil, jerry springer and the steve wilkos show, love love lovee them

Answer #20


Answer #21

naruto,inuyasha and family guy

Answer #22

naruto,inuyasha and family guy

Answer #23

in case of emergency,like family

Answer #24

simpsons, smallville, supernatural, survivor, bones, house, hannah montana, all of the C.S.I’s and law and order and stuff, so you think you can dance, american idol, drake and josh, icarly, and zoey 101.

Answer #25

southpark familyguy zoey101 icarly next parentlcontrol

Answer #26

family guy, ER, project runway,the first 48–most anything on a&e or true tv. ;-)

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