Whats your favorite football team?

Mines are the cowboys I guess because im from texas

Answer #1

Dallas Cowboys all day

Answer #2

I’m a Chicago/Illinois sports fan periold,..its in my blood, lol. For College I’m with the Orange Crush aka the Illiniois University my God brother plays for them. Pro Da Bears winning or losing I’m there. Goo Bears!

Answer #3

well it all depends on where your from or if your a band rider but personally im a carolina panthers fan as well as a tarhell fan east carolina fan most of the teams from my home NC baby go Panthers

Answer #4


Answer #5

I’d have to say the Texas Longhorns (college) and of course the Dallas Cowboys!! Go ‘boys!

Answer #6

Die Hard Raider East Oakland we going superbowl this year

Answer #7

I freakin LOVE the New England Patriots..

I breaks my heart that Tom Brady cant play tho :(

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