Whats Wrong With Red Hair!!!

Okay So Is Having Red Hair A Sin Or Something??? I’m Sick Of People Hating On Others Because They Have Red Hair! I Have Red Hair And I Got Skitted For A Long Time Because Of It. What The Hell Is The Problem? Its The Same As Having Blonde Hair Or Being A Brunette! For Gods Sake It Just P*sses Me Off >:@ I Know I Probably Sound Childish Arguing About This But Its Bugging Me So Much I Just Need To Find Out What The Hell Is So Wrong With It? I Heard Apparently We Have No Soul And Are Agressive All The Time??? I Mean Come On! Everyone Can Be Agressive And Whats With This No Soul Buisness? What Do You Think About It?

Answer #1

you sound like you’re surrounded by people living in the middle ages, seriously?

here’s a link… http://www.theindieheresy.com/redhair.html

I dont have time to read and summarize

Answer #2

Who cares what people are saying! lol I have red hair, and my daughter does also. I LOVE IT! And anyone who sees my little girl comments on how gorgeous her red curls are!! Red hair=bad temper, is a stereo type, and just about everything in this world today does!! It sucks, but it’s true. My fiance always jokes that I have a temper because of my hair, I can’t disagree! I do have a pretty bad temper, but then again, I’m a woman! We all have bad tempers some days! hahaha

I just take that stereo type and go with it. Yes I’m a fiesty red head, so don’t mess with me! I have a temper that can’t be stopped, so be afraid!! lol Just turn that negative into a positive. We all really know that hair color doesn’t make you evil, or mean!

Answer #3

omgg people actually sayy tat?? I wouldd LOVE to have red hair. I like its so unique and prettyyy. and maybe they just say tat cause red usually is thee color of like anger and stuff but dont listen to them red hair iss pretty =]

Answer #4

Ok, calm down… No it is not a sin! I love red hair.

Answer #5

There is nothing wrong with red hair. Maybe poeple are hatin’ because they are jealous of it.

Answer #6

Oh yes… you have red hair. You MUST be the spawn of JUDAS!


What a bunch of crap.

Answer #7

I happen to adore redheaded women, and add green eyes - WOW.

I would bet that there are a lot more people in the world that love red hair- than hate it.

be happy with what you have- and to those who are singling you out- tell ‘em to “take a hike”.

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