Whats wrong with my profile?

Is there sumthin wrong with mii profile or sumthin like I’ll b logged off like for along time then itll say I was onlii off for 2hrs.And I can’t c photo comments sumtimes and itll say people on mii friend list are on when there not ! Whyy is this happening =(

Answer #1

Ok…none of these issues are happening with other profiles.

So, I need specific examples - where you have a photo comment (you’re certain) via an email notice, yet you can’t see it.

“a long time, but it’ll only say 2 hours”…for that, I’ll need a screen shot.

people are on my friend list

Again, I will need an example. This isn’t happening for the other 11,000 active members that were on the site for the last month…as we get repeated reports when things are that far off. So, with examples, we can figure out why this is happening. Please use the contact form, and send us some screen shots.

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